ansible reboot after updating packages

When installing security/kernel packages the system must be rebooted.
It would be a bit silly to reboot always.
So..without further ado…you can solve this for example with the following playbook:

[martijn@fedora basis]$ cat update_all.yaml 

 - name: Update alle hosts
   hosts: all
   become: true
     - name: install dnf tools
         state: present
         name: dnf-utils

     - name: update alle hosts 
         state: latest
         name: "*"

     - name: restart...?
       command: needs-restarting -r
       register: result
       ignore_errors: yes

     - name: reboot
       when: result.rc == 1
[martijn@fedora basis]$

After updating all packages the playbook installs the packages dnf-utils. This package contains the handy command “needs-restarting”. If this commands return a 1 then the machine needs a restart. The result of needs-restarting is stored in the result variable. Later on you can restart if result.rc equals 1.

Have fun.

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